4 Top Family-Friendly Shows in Las Vegas – And They’re Free

Posted by: 4realAdmin on April 3rd, 2014

Las Vegas is known as everything from “Sin City” to “Party Town USA.” However, a few years ago the city fathers realized that in order to create sustainable tourism Las Vegas needed to be family-friendly as well.


Even though that seems to be a well-kept secret, the fact is that there is a lot to do in Las Vegas that has nothing to do with gambling, that offers family entertainment, and that is even free.


1. Bellagio Fountains


The most impressive example of a free activity the entire family will enjoy is the spectacular fountain show in front of the Bellagio Hotel.


Intricately choreographed to a wide variety of music, the fountains dance and sway and even seem to jump and fly. This fountain display is considered to be the most ambitious and creative in the world.


Each show lasts about eleven minutes. On most days, from 3pm to 7pm, a new show plays every half hour, and from 7pm to 12midnight every 15 minutes.


The fountains are so mesmerizing you could easily find yourself watching for quite sometime.


2. Mirage Volcano


Another fun free show is the erupting volcano in front of the Mirage Hotel.


Teasingly disguised during the day as a pretty waterfall, the volcano erupts every evening on the hour from 5pm to 11pm. The display spews smoke and fire a show-stopping 100 feet into the air.  Realistic-looking “hot molten lava” flows down the sides of the volcano as rivers of “fire” spreading out below.


Far from being cheesy, this is an impressive special effects show that leaves visitors applauding and shouting for more.


3. Freemont Street Experience


Downtown Las Vegas, on a stretch of Freemont Street that was formally known as “Glitter Gulch,” is where you’ll find another amazing free show.


A “barrel vault canopy” stretches overhead 90 feet high and 1500 feet long (six blocks).  This is used as the backdrop for a spectacular LED light and sound show held every night.


The introduction to the show is the singular experience of seeing all of the downtown Las Vegas casinos “go dark.” Once the bright lights of the casinos are turned off, the Freemont Street Experience starts.


A variety of different types of shows includes a tribute to popular Las Vegas entertainers both past and present called “Lucky Las Vegas.”


“Area 51” is a fun show that evokes the top-secret government installation just 80 miles from Las Vegas, and it’s UFO and aliens connection.


4. Sunset Stampede Water Show


Located inside “Sam’s Town,” just 8 miles from the Las Vegas strip, this show, filled with laser lights and fountains, is another free spectacular.


The show was created by the same folks who do shows for both Disney and Six Flags. Held in a 25,000 square-foot atrium, the show includes animatronic animals, a forest, and a waterfall – all to bring alive “Mystic Falls Park.” The show starts with the spine-tingling howl of a wolf, and ends with powerful fountains shooting eight stories in the air.


Four free shows a day start at 2pm and end at 10pm.


While the glitzy atmosphere of the Las Vegas casinos can be enticing to just about anyone, and the high-end headliner shows can draw you in but are hard on your pocketbook, it’s nice to know that there are plenty of opportunities in this city for great entertainment that is absolutely free – and family-friendly.


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