5 Top Buffets in Las Vegas

Posted by: 4realAdmin on April 10th, 2014

While Vegas is known for many other things besides gambling, I would argue frequenting its buffets are its second signature activity. Nowhere does it better than here, and you will be spoilt for choice. While different buffets will certainly appear on each respective ‘’tops’’ list, there are a few that are consistently mentioned, and would definitely be well worth a visit.


Bally’s Sunday Brunch


Who doesn’t love a Sunday brunch? Every week, the Bally Steakhouse turns into one of the best buffets in Vegas. Not only do you have your standard breakfast fare like eggs and waffles, but more exotic choices like ostrich tenderloin. And you won’t go thirsty with unlimited champagne. The buffet is also known for its abundance of Maine lobster and other delish dishes from the sea, such as roasted crab legs, caviar and giant gulf shrimp.  For those of you with a sweet tooth, this buffet is touted to have some of the best desserts around.  This is one of the more upscale buffet offerings with some of the best quality food on offer.


Caesar’s Palace Bacchanal Buffet


The Bacchanal cost 17 million dollars to build, and it takes buffet dining to a whole new level. Their team of master chefs created a menu of over 500 items, and it has it all from red velvet pancakes to South Carolina style shrimp and grits. No matter what type of cuisine you are craving, there is a good chance the Bacchanal can deliver. It has Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, American –style BBQ, Vietnamese, seafood, and deli among many other dishes.  Their dessert section will not disappoint either—besides the traditional fare of cakes and other pastries; you will find baked-to-order soufflés, a gelato station and a crepe station.


Wynn Buffet


The Wynn Buffet is not only known for its quality food, but its ambience as well. It has a very artistic look, full of beautiful flowers. You don’t just come here for the food, but the atmosphere as well. And, for you non-meat eaters, you should know it is considered one of Vegas’s best restaurants for vegetarians and vegans. Like most buffets, it serves a dizzying amount of choices, but is particularly well-known for its assortment of homemade pasta dishes, crab legs, curry dishes, sushi and salad.




The Bellagio is particularly well-known for its wide variety of ethnic cuisines. Its dim sum is especially touted.  You will find an array of pastas, and delicious pizza prepared in a wood-fired oven. Their variety of cold-fish appetizers is known as one of the highlights of the buffet, and includes oysters, shrimp, scallops, smoked salmon and crab claws. Its standard salad bar is nothing particularly special, but it has many unique prepared salads on offer, such as eggplant-tofu and Chinese chicken salad.


Le Village Buffet at the Paris Las Vegas


The Le Village Buffet is housed in a replica of a classic French village, and is overflowing with all sorts of decadent French cuisine. The stations are arranged by region, and though they do change up the dishes daily, there seems to be a few staples that show up again and again. In Brittany, you will find great made-to-order crepes, steamed mussels and succulent roasted duck, while Normandy will have a variety of quiches on hand; Burgundy has a carving station full of delectable meats, while Provence will serve up some pasta as you like it.


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