Get Wild in the Woods near Lodges in Snowdonia

Posted by: 4realAdmin on February 11th, 2014

The country of Wales is well known for its wide expanse of wild woodland. The Northern region is particularly famous for beautiful forests thanks to areas such as Snowdonia National Park. The best part is it is easy to have get those wild, natural, rustic holidays now with lodges in Snowdonia this year.


Snowdonia is not only littered with mountains and wooded landscapes but also ancient and mysterious castles such as Penrhyn Castle.


If you’re a member of the Wild in the Woods club, you and your family can enjoy a brilliant day in the heart of some iconic woodland near the grand estate. Known for its sprawling array of forestry and wildlife, there will be plenty of exciting adventures to be had.


Of course we are still deep in the depth of winter which outs many off taking holidays in temperate Northern climates at this time of year, however this is a mistake and there is plenty of winter wildlife to stop and a whole new flora to admire as temperate climates face a transformation with every season and offer a totally different experience in winter as opposed to summer. All you need is a coat as the club runs these fantastic activities no matter to a little drizzle or seasonal snow. There are many great outdoor activities taking place across Snowdonia even at this time of year and it offers a welcome break from being cooped up inside with games consoles all day.


There’s such a range of things to get stuck into from rock climbing, gorge walking, sailing, canoeing, bird watching, exploring historical monuments and garden estates. But with the sheer scope of activities for you and your family to try out, you will have to give them all a good go!


Wales is also a land of legend and stories. If you are looking for an educational experience with the children there are attractions such as King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Machynlleth, Powys and many sacred Druid areas dotted around.


Lodges in Snowdonia provide a very different holiday experience compared to a B&B or hotel and there are becoming increasingly popular. Lodges are normally made of more natural materials and are set deeper into the wilds of North Wales than your average hotel or cottage. They are built specifically to allow you to immerse yourself within the beauty and tranquillity of your natural surroundings. With the rise of activities such as ‘glamping’-luxurious camping, a more natural holiday does not have to mean more uncomfortable. It used to be that camping was synonymous with tents, hard, wet ground and no bathrooms. In 2014 this is hardly the fashion with many beautifully crafted, natural looking abodes that offer far more comfort than a tent. Lodges in Snowdonia with flat screen televisions, tree houses in Scotland with central heating, glass igloos in Scandinavia to give you the best views of the Northern Lights. The possibilities are endless and the options to getting close to nature far more diverse and comfortable than we used to be. Gorgeous, old world lodges in Snowdonia look like something from a fairy tale but provide all the important facilities to make your holiday relaxing. They allow much closer access to the wild woods of Snowdonia and a charming holiday experience at any time of year.


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