The Best Snowboard Edits Of The 2013/14 Season

Posted by: 4realAdmin on March 7th, 2014

Back in the day it took crews and companies all year to make a VHS tape or a DVD. In the age of social media they can shoot, edit, and distribute content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


That means the web is full of rad snowboarding vids you don’t have to pay for.


Who has time to go through everything? Nobody. Thank God you have me to sift through the crap for you. Without further ado, these are the edits and videos and stuff that deserve your rapt attention.


Everything from Yawgoons


If you frequent (who I’m not linking to lest he find me and accuse me – rightly so – of being a “person who snowboards” rather than a snowboarder) then you’ve heard of, and been amazed by, the low-budget Yawgoons crew.


Yawgoo Rhode Island’s crew does more with 2” of man-made snow and a welder than most of us could do with a million bucks and Breckenridge all to ourselves. With more creativity, verve, and wit to go with it. I have no idea how they go about expressing “wit” in snowboard videos where nobody says anything, but they do.


As of January 29th, 2014 they have 11 different videos up on Vimeo. Every single one of them is worth watching, but my favorite is the one with the chain rail.


What’s a chain rail?


Watch the video to find out:



YAWGOONS 10 from dr.brendan on Vimeo.


Small Budget Little Guys vs. The Big Boyz


While the Yawgoons are killing it in Rhode Island, big brands haven’t slowed down when it comes to making videos featuring pro riders.


Capita and Lib Tech are core snowboarding brands. Their videos don’t disappoint, which is why my nod for best edit from a big brand goes to Scott Stevens’ full part from the Defenders of Awesome video. Check it out, you can watch it right here:


If that doesn’t get you amped, I don’t know what will. Only 200k views, too, which means you’re not the 20 millionth person to see it… even if it is 2 years old and old news to some of you.


Sponsor Me! Videos


Most Sponsor Me! Videos are trash, which is why OGs [stupidly] tell kids not to bother. But here’s a good one from Minnesota rider Billy Bjork:


Any 15-year-old who can pull off that many backflip variations deserves your attention.


Some old heads will tell you that Sponsor Me! Videos are stupid.


That you’re supposed to show up, make it sick, and the guys who write the checks will notice you. That’s like saying if you make a great product it will sell itself. It won’t. That’s why it’s a smart move to shoot a Sponsor Me! Video if you’re still young and rad enough to make your money on a snowboard.


Feel sorry for team managers, people.


Big, big, big budget


Sometimes a specialty film, like a snowboard video, transcends its niche and its genre and appeals to people who know absolutely nothing about the sport. Instead of filming adolescent tomfuckery like in most snowboard and skate videos, they point the cameras at the kinds of stunning vistas that’ll leave your mom’s jaw on the floor and your snowboarder friends wondering what’s wrong with you.


The Art of Flight is to snowboarding what Friday Night Lights is to football. Even people who don’t like football enjoy watching Friday Night Lights. The same is true for The Art of Flight. You don’t have to be a snowboarder, or even a person who snowboards, to enjoy watching it. If my mom liked it, yours probably will too.


Red Bull breaks out their checkbook, gasses up the choppers, and gets down.


Check out the trailer:



Can’t win ‘em all


So those are my picks at the moment, the videos that got me amped this season. I’m sure there were better edits I failed to cover, such is the nature of the Internet. If you know of a snowboarding edit that deserves attention, tell us about it in the comments section below.


Aston Reynolds is a Denver writer who likes to snowboard. He also likes to make fun of Texans who take their vacations in Colorado. He writes for Summit Cove vacation rentals in Keystone, CO, among others.


Image credit; Dmitri Markine CC-A-3.0

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