Top 5 Sports Inspired by the Winter Olympics

Posted by: 4realAdmin on January 23rd, 2014

2014 is the year of sport – what with the FIFA World Cup and Commonwealth Games both being staged this summer. Before that however is the 2014 Winter Olympics Games which are being staged in Sochi, in Russia, from 6 to 23 February. And if our New Year’s resolution is to try a new sport this year, check out these activities which are inspired by the Winter Olympics.


Alpine Skiing – Winter is a rather apt time to try your hand at a spot of alpine skiing, which is defined as sliding down snow-covered hills whilst on skis complete with fixed-heel bindings. Alpine skiing, despite the name conjuring up images of Swiss mountains, is popular across the world, particularly where the combination of mountain slopes and snow can be combined with tourist infrastructure. Try alpine skiing in Europe, North America, East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Southern American Andes.


Curling – One of the 15 sports to be included in this year’s Winter Olympics is curling, where teams of players slide stones across a sheet of ice. Much like ‘field’ sports, the curling puck is aimed towards a target area, or goal if you like. Each team is given eight stones which they must get as central as possible within the scoring area in order to achieve the highest score within each game.


Ice Hockey – The fast and furious sport of ice hockey also makes an appearance this February. The team sport is played on ice and the skaters use their sticks to shoot a puck into their opponent’s net. It’s popular in Northern Europe, Canada and the USA. In fact both Canada and USA refer to the sport as simply ‘hockey’, which in most other parts of the world denotes the sport which is played on a field.


Luge – Not one for the faint hearted, the luge is a definite adrenaline sport! One of two people ride a steep ice track onboard a sled whilst lying face up. The riders steer the sled using their calves and shoulders. It forms part of three Olympic sliding sports, along with bobsleigh and skeleton, although the luge is most definitely the fastest and most dangerous of the three.


Snowboarding – A firm favourite with the winter sports crowd for a while now, snowboarding is seeing something of a resurgence in spring 2014. The sport sees adventurers descend a snow slope whilst standing atop a board attached to the rider’s feet. Snowboarding was popularised in the 1960s and was born out of skiing, skateboarding, sledding and surfing and skiing.


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